Thursday, 22 March 2018


I haven't read many books. What I mean is I haven't read many novels. I wish I had. But I have devoured many non-fiction books. The majority either art or especially photography. I am right now looking at my bookshelves and trying to decide which of the many are my top ten. Are they the one's I enjoyed the most? Are they the one’s I have gained the most knowledge from? Are they the one’s that I have gleaned some enlightenment from or ones that have created a turn in attitude? I can’t be specific. But scanning the titles I have judged whether they have raised an eyebrow. So without too much introspection here are my, at this present moment, top ten reads. Oh! They are not in any particular order. It’s hard enough to choose ten without stating the very best! So, they aren’t in numerical, purely bulleted order.

Art and Fear – Bayles and Orland – Image Continuum
Occam’s Razor – Bill Jay – Nazraeli Press
An English Eye – James Ravilious – Hamilton
Illusions – Richard Bach – Pan
Land – Fay Godwin – Heinmann
The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron – Pan
A History of London – Robert Gray – Hutchinson
Foucault’s Pendulum – Umberto Eco – Secker & Warburg
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail – Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln – Corgi
Fred Herzog – David Campani

Actually there are many more. But this took an hour to put down! Man… that was difficult!

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